Assignment List
Chapter 34


Monday, January 30  Pass out material for chapter 34.  Read intro and overview. Have section 1, The                                 Drift Towards War, pages 946-950 and the worksheet due tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 31 Collect worksheets.  Discuss Notebook notes on section 1, the Drift Towards War, the implications of the start of WWI.  Here, we cover the causes of WWI, map out the pre-war alliances, and discuss the mobilization efforts of both sides.  Whether we finish notes or not, be ready for section 2, by reading Global War, pages 950-962 and worksheet, due Thursday.

Wednesday, February 1 Finish reviewing section 1 notes on Notebook.  Start on section 2 notes on Notebook.   Reminder, worksheet and reading due tomorrow!

Thursday, February 2 Turn in section 2 worksheet.  Finish review of section 2 notes.  Work on section 3, The End of the War, pages 962-974 plus worksheet, due Monday.

Friday, February 3 Start reviewing notes on section 3 in Notebook.  Worksheet and readings due Monday.

Monday, February 6 Turn in worksheet.  Finish review on section 3 notes in Notebook.

Tuesday, February 7 Russia’s Last Czar video

Wednesday, February 8 Test Chapter 34