Assignment List
Chapter 35


Friday, February 17 Pass out material for chapter 35.  Read intro and overview. Read section 1 Probing Cultural Frontiers, pages 979 – 985, and have your worksheet on section 1 due tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 21 Review and check section 1 worksheet.  Also, go over notes on  section 1.  Make sure you read section 2, Global Depression, pages 985 – 990, and do the worksheet for Friday. 

Wednesday, February 22 Review section 2 notes on PowerPoint.  Start reading section 3, Challenges to the Liberal Order, pages 990 - 1001 due Monday, plus worksheet.

Thursday, February 23 Review of section 3 notes on PowerPoint.

Friday, February 24 Video, The Wave.  This video explains how and why Naziism occurred in Germany.

Monday, February 27 Analysis of “The Wave”. Read Hitler’s Austria article as well.

Tuesday, February 28 Nazi propaganda and Hitler information.  Comparison chart of Communism and Fascism.

Wednesday, February 29 Test on Chapter 35