Chad Warnimont, Principal

I work collaboratively with staff and parents to help prepare students for meaningful participation in society. Safety is a top priority at Waterville School and we work diligently to provide a safe and caring environment to encourage academic, social, and emotional growth of students. I am responsible for implementing district and building policies as well communicating district expectations to staff and parents. As the instructional leader, I ensure the state academic content standards are implemented daily in all classrooms. Coordination of professional development activities, in conjunction with the building School Improvement Team, takes place on an on-going basis to promote professionalism and collegial discourse.  Creating the building schedule, evaluating staff, and coordinating district and state tests for the building occurs during the school year.

Laurie Worline, Dean of Students

As the Dean of Students, I work hand in hand with the students, parents, and staff.  It is my responsibility to promote and enforce our three student goals of be respectful, responsible and safe.  As such, I may be found at school assemblies, in classrooms presenting lessons, on the playground, in the cafeteria or on the telephone with parents.  Another responsibility is to assist the teachers in providing technology education to our students by providing lessons based on our district technology goals. I assist Dr. Warnimont with preparing and administering the various tests our students take throughout the school year.  The best part of my job is the amount of time I get to spend with students in nearly every setting within the building.

Wendi Hartbarger, Secretary
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My primary responsibility is to serve as an assistant to the Waterville Primary Principal, Dr. Warnimont; relieving him of routine office duties; performing a wide variety of responsible secretarial work; and executing related work as needed. I greet and interview office visitors and telephone callers to answer questions concerning school programs and activities, and, to refer persons to another source of information. I coordinate, facilitate and monitor the functions of the school office including maintaining essential demographic information for students; assisting in caring for each student's daily needs.  I also process purchase orders for supplies as needed for the building throughout the year.

Jenny Carter, Secretary
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I am one of two secretaries at WPS. Some of my responsibilities include monitoring student attendance; handling requests for after-hours use of our building; aiding students and parents with transportation issues; handling various situations/questions/concerns of parents – in person and on the telephone; providing medical assistance to students in the absence of the school nurse; and assisting our Principal, Dr. Warnimont, teachers and staff as needed.

Valerie Bradfield, Nurse

My responsibilities are to take care of the health, safety and well being of the children of our building.  I care for their injuries and illnesses; dispense medications; staff Wellness; parent teaching as well as screen children for hearing, vision and BMI's. I keep immunizations and the medical records up to date. I also assist with bus duty after school; organize fundraisers in our building for Breast Cancer and American Heart Association along with our new kick off last year, Relay for Life.  I sit in meetings with parents/teachers to problem solve any medical concerns regarding the children.

Jillian Ranazzi, Counselor

Hi!  My name is Jillian Ranazzi and I am the school counselor at Waterville Primary School.  This is my second year as a counselor and I am very excited to continue working with all of the wonderful students and families!  Some of the things I will work with students on include:

*Classroom Guidance lessons- I will conduct quarterly lessons with each of the classrooms throughout the year to discuss respect, responsibility, and safety.  These lessons will also focus on developmentally appropriate character education.  I will always send letters home when I have visited a classroom to encourage home discussion!

*Individual Counseling- I will work with students one on one as needed.  This happens if your  child requests to see me, if you contact me, or if a teacher or staff member sees a need.

*Small Groups- Small groups will be conducted throughout the school year during lunch times for first-fourth grade students.   Please watch for group topics in the Friday Flyer and contact me if you are interested in your  child participating.

One of the highlights of our counseling program is Sara, our school therapy dog.  We received Sara in October 2008 and she now works at our school daily.  She helps students not only in therapy situations, but also in classrooms throughout the building where children read to her.  Sara was trained through Assistance Dogs of America, Inc. as a working therapy dog.  This non profit organization trains and provides service and therapy dogs to individuals, schools, and other facilities such as nursing homes and prisons.  Sara was trained and provided to us at no cost.  Please let me know if you have any questions related to Sara.