Welcome to Whitehouse Primary School

Mr. Brad Rhodes, Principal
     419-877-0543 - brhodes@anthonywayneschools.org

I work with the staff, parents and students of Whitehouse Primary to try to help ensure that each Whitehouse Primary Student is well cared for and receives an excellent education.  I oversee all aspects of the daily operation of the building and attempt to do all I can to provide students and staff with an ideal environment for learning.  I facilitate communication between parents, community, staff and the Anthony Wayne Central Administrative Office Staff to address and resolve any issues that arise.  I also work with all Whitehouse Primary Community Stakeholders to facilitate and communicate the vision and goals for the building's current and future success.

Vicki Perry, Secretary
     419-877-0543 - vperry@anthonywayneschools.org

I work with Mr. Rhodes, Principal at Whitehouse Primary School.  Along with assisting Mr. Rhodes, my duties, in part, include answer phone calls, maintain, copy, transfer student records and files, update student database, type correspondence, board reports, update Dynacal and Google calendars for staff and parent websites, daily student attendance and absentee calls, confirm student transportation and buss passes, dismissal notes, maintain inventory, order building and office supplies, purchase orders, deposits, building use calendar, back up school nurse, dispense meds, email parents and maintain email address data, mailings, visitor and substitute sign in, distribute mail, assist students.

Melinda Noward, Secretary
     419-877-0543 - mnoward@anthonywayneschools.org

My responsibilities include maintaining the student database information/ files and updating as needed with new students and withdrawals. Some of my other responsibilities include handling school fees, keeping the kiosk updated with current activities, preparing letters and files for Kindergarten Screening, updating class lists, and preparing grade cards, labels, attendance letters, and various other documents as necessary. I also greet and assist students, parents, visitors and volunteers on the phone and in-person. Beyond this, I help the administration, Mr. Rhodes, and teachers with various office tasks.

Jill Schwerer, Guidance Counselor
     419-877-0543 - jillschwerer@anthonywayneschools.org

I am a certified professional educator/counselor who helps children, teachers, parents, and administrators.  I have many roles as a school counselor.  I work with children individually, in classroom activities, and in small groups.  I also work with parents, staff, outside resources, community members and others in providing every chance for your child to take full advantage of his or her educational opportunities.  I feel that it is very important to have a cooperative effort in assisting a child’s development socially/emotionally, physically, and academically.   If you ever have questions or concerns please call or email me.  Have a great day!


Laura Soeder, Nurse
     419-877-0543     lsoeder@anthonywayneschools.org

As the School Nurse, it is my obligation to plan and implement a comprehensive health service program to benefit the students and staff to achieve the maximum benefit from our educational program. I obtain and manage all student medical health records and immunization records. I perform all health related screenings as mandated by the Ohio Department of Health. I collaborate with students and staff to identify ongoing/ emerging health needs and communicate necessary information as needed. I collaborate with individual students, parents/guardians, other medical professionals and staff to ensure quality care especially for those students with chronic medical conditions. I act as a liaison between parents/guardians and the staff as well as the community. I dispense necessary medications to students as authorized by a parent/ guardian or health care professional. I am responsible for training district appointed staff members in medical administration. I am responsible for daily assessment and treatment of students. I ensure confidentiality at all times. I enforce the AW School district policies. I also adhere to the State of Ohio Board of Nursing and the Ohio Department of Education licensure requirements.