Students using items in the shopping carts to create equations and learn Math order of operations.


Welcome to Fallen Timbers Middle School

Our slogan at Fallen Timbers Middle School is "Your Place To Shine."  We truly believe that everyone can shine at Fallen Timbers.  we have a unique 5th and 6th grade setting in which we can offer unparalleled educational opportunities.  Fallen Timbers is a school that provides a challenging, engaging, safe, nurturing, rewarding, and fun educational experience.  Students come to school excited and ready to learn..  Students are taught by a professional staff that has a blend of top-notch veterans and innovative young staff members.  Teachers successfully reach students' hearts and minds.  We are focused on meeting all academic, social, and emotional needs as we strive to teach the "whole child."  We also have active and supportive parents who work collaboratively with our school staff.  In a culture of hard work, enthusiasm, and love of learning, students, staff, and parents have great pride in everything we do at Fallen Timbers.  We warmly welcome all students and parents to an inspiring and positive educational experience within a family atmosphere. (read more)

Fallen Timbers is your place to SHINE!