Teacher Links


Apple® Units of Practice-Many technology rich lesson plans are available here.

Atomic Learning-This is a wonderful website with online tutorials for a vast array of programs. Many tutorials are free, but some require a subscription. Check with your technology administration to see if you have a school subscription. If not, enjoy the free tutorials.

Awesome Library- A plethora of lesson plans, worksheets, and online activities. This is one you don't want to miss!

E-Trip for Pre-K to 4- A collection of technology-rich lessons based on the regular classroom curriculum are grouped by grade level at this fabulous site.

1st Grade Backpack-This is a must see website for any primary teacher. Many links to educational activities for younger students.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators-The perfect website for teachers! It is very easy to get lost for hours in this fabulous site!

Lessonplanz.com-Do a search for a specific lesson, look according to subject, or check out the grade level you're interested in. Lots to do!

Mr. Nussbaum's Site -A great educator's site! Many online activities for students to use, plus printables and generators for teachers.

Reading Strategies- Many comprehension strategies with online tutorials, activities and worksheets to use.

Sue LeBeau- Many links to websites for the primary grades. Interactive links as well as resources for teachers.

Thinkquest-This is an index of student created websites on a vast array of topics. These are perfect when you are looking for something at your students' reading levels.

Technology & Learning's Curriculum Hotlist-Not only can you find technology lesson ideas, but many other things like articles on technology and more!

SCORE-This is an online resource created just for teachers by the state of California. Many links and lesson plans are available.

WebQuests-Bernie Dodge's website with many webquests to choose from. You can do a search or locate a webquest by using the grade level and topic (click on top, middling, or new on the left).

Word Study-This amazing site has word studies available in both Word and PDF format.

Created by Lisa Yoder, Fallen Timbers Middle School

Last modified 3/26/13.