Climbing Equipment

The gym possesses two pieces of climbing equipment.  The climbing equipment is a great way for students to test their upper strength.

Rope Climb 

The rope climb is a student favorite.  The rope is knotted to allow students to also use their feet to help them climb up.  The knots are also a good safety feature for unsure climbers.  There are various climbing heights that depend on the age and grade of the students.  Students are instructed to safely climb up and down the rope and are never forced to climb higher than they choose.  *Safety mats are placed under the rope during all activities.


Climbing Wall 

The climbing wall or “Rock Wall” has been a student favorite since it was installed in 2005.  The wall consists of 5 panels and offers various skill paths for climbers.  Climbing is not a traditional sport so some students that do not excel in other gym activities may shine in this area. Students climb horizontally instead of vertically so safety straps are not required.  There are beginner (green grips), moderate (yellow grips), and difficult (red grips) climbing paths.  The beginner path has bigger hand and foot grips, and the grips are spaced closer together.  As the difficulty increases, the grips are smaller and spaced further apart. <back>

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