I usually start off by talking to all students about the opportunities the sport of volleyball can create.   The girls seem to naturally gravitate and love this sport.   I tell them about the many opportunities in Jr. High and High School to play it as a team sport, and the vast collegiate volleyball scholarships offered to young lady athletes.   The boys do not seem as interested at first because some of them will say that volleyball is a "girls' sport".   I remind them about the many recreational times when volleyball is played and tell them about myself playing in a sand volleyball league which I love.  

            The students use specialized equipment called beach teach trainers.   These are oversized volleyballs that feel more like a beach ball. This allows the students opportunities to practice their skills at a higher and more successful level.   The basic skills are taught:

  1. Forearm pass (bump)
  2. Overhead pass (set)
  3. Overhead hit
  4. Underhand serve
  5. Overhand serve
  6. Rotation
  7. Game rules and terminology.