The 3rd Grade Handbook can be found in your child's assignment notebook. Click here for a pdf copy of the handbook. Included is information about our policies on the following items:

  •     Take-home folder, and Weekly Communicator
  •     Grading policy - use of Standards-Based Grade Cards and grading scale
  •     Behavior system
  •     Accelerated Reader (AR)
  •     Math Stars program
  •     Spelling policy and spelling lists
  •     Snacks
  •     Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA)
  •     Effort Rubrics

Additional information that is specific to my classroom is below.


You are welcome to send in a birthday treat for your child.  Please send in individually packed treats (no cakes or large cookies).  Please also remember to send in napkins, and other items (plates, silverware, etc) that may be needed.  Please do not send birthday party invitations to school with your child to pass out.  This is a building policy.  To avoid problems with uninvited students, we ask that you use the student directory to send invitations directly to their homes.


At 11:00 each day, our grade level has a reward recess.  Students may be kept in study hall if they are missing work, need to finish some items from the day, or to read if they are not keeping up with AR goals.  Students will not be kept in from the recess period after lunch unless he or she is significantly behind in work or reading.


Students may receive star student tickets (raffle tickets) from me at any time for various reasons.  Reasons may include random acts of kindness, or for difficult problem solving.  Students put their names on the backs, and place them in a box.  At the end of each month I will hold a drawing.  As names are drawn, students earn prizes.  The first prize is a piece of candy.  If a student has his/her name drawn twice, the second prize is a larger item (such as a pencil).  The third prize is a book.  I draw tickets until 4 students have earned a book.  At the end of the drawing, students who did not get their names drawn will be invited to pick from the 1st prize box.


We have library each Thursday.  Students are allowed to select 3 books each week in third grade.  Should students need additional books, there is a fairly large selection in our own classroom for borrowing.  Students may borrow these at any time.  I do not have a check out procedure for out classroom books, I simply ask the students to take care of them, and return them when finished.  I will give out Scholastic Books order forms a few times throughout the year.  By ordering books, you are supporting our classroom by helping us to earn free books for our library, and for the Star Student drawings explained above.


At this age, I feel that homework is mostly an exercise in responsibility.  I aim for students to have one token item of homework to complete each night.  The homework assignment should take 10-25 minutes to complete.  The responsibility of remembering to take it home, complete it, and bring it back to school is the main goal.  In addition to this homework assignment, students may occasionally have an item of unfinished class work from the day to complete.  Additional homework each night is for students to read for 20 minutes, study spelling words, and practice math facts.  Spelling and math facts should be done on an “as needed” basis.

Although this may change occasionally, please expect your child to have the following items for homework each week:

    MONDAY - Spelling workbook page.
    TUESDAY - Read the story for the week.
    WEDNESDAY - Math problem solving.
    THURSDAY - Go over journal entries from the week with a parent. (letter)
    FRIDAY - Get communicator signed, and catch up if behind in reading goal.

SPECIALS SCHEDULE:               

    MONDAY - Gym 9:20-9:50
    TUESDAY - Art 9:20-10:20
    WEDNESDAY - Music 9:50-10:20
    THURSDAY - Library 9:20-9:50 and Gym 9:50-10:20
    FRIDAY - Music 9:20-9:50

Please help remind your child to have tennis shoes on gym days, and library books with them on Thursdays.


Students will be provided with an assignment notebook to be used daily.  Each morning, students will write down a list of items that we will complete throughout the day.  As they complete an item, they should cross it off in their assignment notebook.  At the end of the day, the items not crossed off will serve as a reminder of what will need to be completed at home for homework.  Assignment notebooks should come home every day.  Students copy each day’s work from the “Daily Work” page on our website.  You can check there occasionally to see if your child’s assignment notebook is being completed with care.