The mission of Whitehouse Primary is to provide a safe and positive learning environment with the goal of fostering academic excellence and educating each student to become a responsible, respectful and productive citizen.

Welcome to Whitehouse Primary School

‚ÄčAt Whitehouse Primary School, first and foremost, we try very hard to make all our families and students feel welcomed, safe and valued.  We have focused a great deal of the past several years on communicating positively, effectively, and proactively with our families in a variety of ways to meet the individual needs of our students.  The teachers, secretaries, counselor, nurse and all other staff are very good about being patient, responsive, and to listening to the needs of our parents and students.  We have also worked very hard to create a safe environment for all who come to our building.  We have consistently stressed and enforced a high expectation of safety and order in the building.

Whitehouse Primary Schools have many outstanding academic opportunities to offer our students.  We have a highly skilled teaching staff that does a first-rate job teaching state standards in an effective way.  We have a comprehensive RtI program to identify at-risk learners and provide them the targeted support they need.  We have a large highly trained intervention staff to assist students who are struggling to reach grade level expectations.  We have a gifted program to meet the needs of our top students and we have teachers who are willing  to differentiate to meet the needs of every student in every room.  We have special area teachers that engage students and do a great job providing students a well-rounded education that includes the arts.  We have a high-level of technology in our building with  SMART boards in almost every room and we allow our students to experience and work with technology on a regular basis.  This allows our students to better access valuable 21st century skills.  Proof that we are doing an excellent job meeting student academic needs lies in our building State Performance Index scores that have been over 107.0 each of the past 4 years.

We go the extra mile at Whitehouse Primary School to provide a wide-variety of extra opportunities for our students to enhance their school experience.  Our Whitehouse Parent Club raised and spends well over $20,000.00 over year on our students and staff.  Our WPC provides movie nights, book fairs, a carnival, a 5K event, assemblies, and family events, for our Whitehouse Learning Community.  Our staff also offers additional opportunities for our students including ensemble, our WHBC news crew, and student council.  This year we have also initiated a peer mediation program to attempt to better address student conflicts that arise in the building.  We also have a comprehensive building social/emotional education program.  We call ourselves the Powerhouse at Whitehouse Primary, because every student, parent and staff member has the power to have a great experience in our school.  Our building powerhouse theme focuses on a different  area each month based upon the needs of the building.  This year our theme will focus on topics to help students have healthy minds, bodies and hearts.